In this workshop, we’ll develop static sites, so publishing is a matter of connecting or copying the output directory to a web server or web hosting service. We’ll give you two convenient options for publishing (there are lots more!):

  1. RStudio Connect: for cloud ☁️ and local setups 💻
  2. Netlify: for local setups 💻

RStudio Connect (RSC)

RSC is a publishing platform from RStudio for secure sharing of websites, applications, reports, and plots. It is a paid product designed for use within the Enterprise. RSC is a server that you run inside an organization, so is suitable for publishing content that you only want visible within your organization’s network as opposed to visible to the entire internet. Access to RSC is included in your workshop registration for the days of the workshop.

To use RSC from an RStudio Server Pro instance (i.e., you chose cloud setup ☁️), you don’t need to do anything ahead of time.

To use RSC locally (i.e., you chose local setup 💻), even if you only want to use it for this workshop, you’ll need to install the rsconnect R package from CRAN:


You’ll receive an email from us before the workshop with your login information.


If want to work on a local setup 💻 and you are comfortable using GitHub, we recommend using Netlify. Netlify is a popular website hosting service that allows for both direct upload of website files or integrated publishing from Git repositories via commit-hooks. To use Netlify, you can login using your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account.