Cloud setup

Work in the ☁️

For this option, you will:

This option uses RStudio’s Professional software. These are paid products designed for use within the Enterprise. Access to both RStudio Server Pro (RSP) and RStudio Connect (RSC) are included in your workshop registration. Your access will be for the day prior to and the two full days of the workshop.

Why would I need this option?

You may not have time to do all the local setup, or you may not wish to modify your local install to upgrade right now.

What do I need to do before the workshop?

Not much! We will provide servers with all the software (R, RStudio IDE) and R packages you will need pre-installed and configured. You will need to:

  • bring a laptop with the ability to access the internet,
  • bring your laptop charger, and
  • check your email ahead of the workshop, which will provide login information for our RSP workshop account.

Will I be able to publish my work?

Yes! You will be able to publish to RStudio Connect (RSC) from your RSP instance. This means you will have a shareable link to your work online. However, the link that you publish to will no longer be active after the workshop has ended.

Will I be able to save my work?

Absolutely- there is a “two-click” method for exporting your work within an RSP R project to your desktop in a single zip file. We’ll show you how. Don’t worry- if you choose this option, you’ll be able to grab a local copy before your RSP/RSC ☁️ access disappears.