This is the website for a two-day hands-on workshop based on the book “R Markdown: The Definitive Guide.”

This workshop will be offered January 15-16, just before rstudio::conf 2019 in Austin, TX. It is designed for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level.

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Day 1


We’ll introduce the flexdashboard package for building interactive dashboards using R Markdown.


You’ll learn to generate HTML5 presentations using the xaringan package, an R Markdown extension based on the JavaScript library remark.js.

Books, Websites, and Blogs

We’ll cover the two major ways to build multiple .Rmd documents, organized within a single project: bookdown for authoring books and blogdown for building websites.

Day 2


How does R Markdown actually work under the hood? We will talk about the roles of knitr and Pandoc, as well as the design of the built-in output formats in the rmarkdown package.

Extending R Markdown

How to make use of custom templates, or create completely new output formats? We will use rticles as an example.

Misc Topics

R Markdown also works with other computing languages, such as C/C++, Python, Julia, Shell scripts, and so on. You can generate a series of reports via parameterized reports. You can also embed interactive content in R Markdown.

About this workshop

This workshop is designed for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level. We’ll talk about many low-level details in the rmarkdown package and the whole R Markdown ecosystem. The two goals of this workshop are: 1) learn how to fully customize R Markdown output (HTML, LaTeX/PDF, Word, and PowerPoint); and 2) learn more about existing R Markdown extensions in the ecosystem, such as flexdashboard, bookdown, blogdown, pkgdown, xaringan, rticles, and learnr. We will also talk about how to use or develop new language engines (languages that are not R), how to develop HTML widgets, and integrate Shiny with R Markdown.

You should take this workshop if you have experience programming in R and want to learn how to take advantage of the amazing breadth and depth of R Markdown. You’ll get the most from it if you enjoy learning how R Markdown works under the hood (which will involve reading some source code), and are seriously interested in hacking (playing) with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, LaTeX, and command-line tools. We will give minimal tutorials on these languages and tools in the workshop, but it may be easier for you to keep pace with the instructor if you already know them before.